Understanding guides

Chaperone offers you various options for in-app guidance and walkthrough to onboard and train your users or employees. Guides help you interact with end-users within your website or web app. They make users more productive and satisfied. With Chaperone you can create interactive step-by-step guides to train your users within your website or web app. You can also create contextual tooltips or modals.

Chaperone Extension

Chaperone has Chrome and Firefox extensions. Install the appropriate extension for your browser to create your guides. When you embed your guides in your application, they will work for anyone on any browser.

Chaperone installation and registration

1- Visit www.getchaperone.com and click the Get started for free button

 2- Fill in the form and click the Register button 

3- Follow Chaperone onboarding instructions to get started. 

You will need to download the extension to create your guides.

4- Don’t forget to activate your account.

Logging in to extension

 1- Click the Chaperone icon at the top right of your browser

2-Fill in your username or email address and your password

3- Click the Log in button to authenticate yourself

Once finished, you will be logged into your account

Ps: you can also log in with Google

Creating your first guide with Chaperone

1- Open the page on which you want to create the guide

2- Click the Chaperone icon at the top right of your browser

3- Click the “Create the first guide” button 

4- Set your guide title and description

PS: Title is compulsory but description is optional. The first 100 characters of your title will appear in guides lists to help you identify your guides. This is helpful for guide management, the search feature and quickly glancing at the guide content.

*In case you want a specific language for your guide:

- Use the language options and select your language before you save your guide.

5- Click the Save button to save your guide

6- Click the Add new step button and select an item. An item is attached to an element. I can be a step of your walkthrough, a tooltip or a modal.

7- Fill the item widget with title and/or content. 

8- Choose a position for the widget. 

9- Click Pick element button to register the element id. Mouse over the page, you will see a blue selector activated. Click the element you want to attach the item to. 

10- When you finish, click the Save button to save the item. 

You can add as many steps as you want.

Chaperone features

Chaperone has many features:

  • Walkthroughs are step-by-step guidance you use to train your users through a process. Walkthroughs are interactive. They make people learn by doing. They reduce waste of time and lead to optimal use of your application. Read more

  • Tooltips are messages that can be attached to any element. Small animated markers are used to draw the attention of your users to an element on the page. Read more

  • Modals are dialog boxes that are displayed on the middle of your page. You can use them to share information, images, videos, tips and more with your users. Read more 

  • Custom branding offers you total control on Chaperone appearance. Read more

  • Segments allow you to target specific users of your guides or select specific guides for a URL. You can segment your users by role, location... or using any custom attributes about your users. Read more

  • Analytics lets you collect, measure and analyze how your guides are used. Read more

  • User tracking records for you the different actions that users perform on your website, especially their interaction with your guides. Read more

  • Marketing automation includes customer data integration and helps you define under which conditions a guide should start. Read more

  • Team account gives you and colleagues the opportunity to work together on account, define each team member’s role and grant specialized levels of access to the account. Read more

  • Chaperone for Salesforce and for GSuite

Modifying profile

This section allows you to update your username, email, phone, password and more.

How to modify your profile

1- Visit the  dashboard at www.app.getchaperone.com 

2- Hover Settings at the top right of the dashboard

3- Click Profile

4- Update your profile and click the Update profile button

Logging out of extension

1- Click your username at the top of the extension frame

2- Click Logout

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