Walkthrough steps

Walkthroughs are step-by-step guidance you use to train your users through a process. Walkthroughs are interactive. They make people learn by doing. They reduce waste of time and lead to optimal use of your application.  

How to add a step

To add walkthrough steps to your website,

1- Click the Add new step button

2- Fill the item widget with title and/or content.
3- Select popover as guide type.
4- Choose a position for the widget.
5- Click Pick element button to register the element id. Mouse over the page, you will see a blue selector activated. Click the element you want to attach the item to.
6- When you finish, click the Save button to save the item. 

You can add as many steps as you want.

Rich text and media

You can customize your content with the WYSIWYG editor

  • Click the editor icons to format your text.

You have the possibility to attach media (links, images) to your step. 

  • Click the Upload a file button to add image to your step content


Step trigger

Set which action a user should take before moving to the next step:

  • Clicking the Next button

  • Clicking the element the step points to

  • Hovering the element the step points to

  • Writing text in the form field the step points to

That’s all! Preview your walkthrough, edit and embed!


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