Items make the content of your guide. They can be walkthrough steps or tooltips or modals.

Editing item

 You can click the Edit icon to change an item content or title. You can also change the action that triggers the next item. Once you finish, click the Save button to save your changes.

How to edit a step/ tooltip/ modal

1- Click the Edit icon at the right of the item title

2- Update your step/tooltip/modal and save it

or if you want to edit another guide, click the Back button at the top-left of the extension frame to see the list of your guides. Then, click the menu icon at the right of your guide title and click Edit steps. Select the step/item you want to edit and start editing.

Widget position
Specify the step or tooltip widget position relative to the element (top, bottom, right, left).

Enable  Backdrop to highlight the widget and the element it point to.

Reordering item

You can reorder your walkthrough steps. You just need to click and hold the step you want to move and drop it at the position you want it to be. The new order is automatically saved and will be followed when you are playing the guide.

Deleting item

Click the Trash icon to delete your item. You have the possibility to undo your action if it is a mistake. Just click the Undo button at the bottom of the items page. 

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