Embedding guides is possible when you have access to the source code of your website. It allows your users to view your guides without installing the Chaperone extension. Using embed helps you define:

  • who can view your guides, 

  • when your guide is played

  • get analytics… 

You only need to insert a line of code in your website to make it work. Any update you make from your editor or dashboard is directly applied to guides in your website.

How to embed

You can get and add the snippet code to your website when you are getting started or when you finished creating your guides. The embed code is available in the dashboard at the end of your guides list and in the dashboard in the Settings menu list.

Copy the generated code in your website or app pages  tag.

With embed feature, you can set the condition to show your guide. For example: 

  • Your guide could start playing when a visitor comes for the first time on your website.

  • You can enable a guide for a particular page by targeting an url.

  • You can decide to start a guide for a particular browser language...

Ensuring 24/7 support with launcher

When you embed guides, they will be triggered depending on the options you chose. At the same time, these guides will be displayed on the pages you embedded them as a list through a player for users to choose which one they want to play.


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