You can view the list of people who have played your guides and export that list. For each user you will see gathered on them. Read the information you set. Read the Custom user attributes section to get more information. 

  • User list

  • User preferences (OS, Browser, City, Country,...)

  • User activities (Guides played, items viewed)

How to view people data

1- Go to your Dashboard (see how to go to your dashboard)

2- Click People

You can export the people list in CSV format

- Click the CSV button to export your people list in CSV format

Custom user attributes 

Chaperone allows you to set custom attributes about your users when they use the guides. This is very useful if you want to create segments of users with specific criteria and assign them specific guides. Your custom attribute can be by example:

  • Pricing plan

  • Total money spent

  • Location

  • Job title

  • Gender

  • Language

  • Date of signup…

How to add custom user attributes for Chaperone Analytics 

You can send a custom attribute through your embedded guide code by adding a people property as key/value pairs.

Here is an example:


Filters are used to create a segment of users for the appropriate guides. Filters are applied to users when to play guides. If a user of your application has properties that match the segment you have defined, then your guide will be played, otherwise, it will not be played.

Filter custom attributes

You can apply a filter base on custom attributes. For example if you are creating a segment of specific users (based on gender and job title).


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