Is there a capability for multi-page tutorials?

Yes, Chaperone has the capability for multi-page tutorials. Open the page where you want to add the step and add it. Don't forget to set for the previous step, User clicks on an element as the next step trigger action this way you will force the user to click on a link or a button and move to the page where the next step is (make sure your application redirects to the appropriate content).

Is Chaperone responsive?

Yes, Chaperone is responsive by default. We tested it on iOS, Android tablets and phones.

Does Chaperone work with AngularJS?

Yes, Chaperone works with AngularJS.

How to embed many guides on multiple pages in a website or web application?

When you create your account, you get an embed script that allows you to display one or all the guides in your website or web application. You will have to add the Chaperone embed script only once. Just copy and paste the embed script in the head of your website and you are set. Any new guide you create will be automatically added to your website or web application. Guides are displayed in a list when a user clicks on launcher and they can select one from the list to play.

Use segmentation to display guides specifically on the page where they were created.

Does Chaperone work on iframes? 

No, currently, it is not possible to create guides on iframes.

What is possible with customization?

Currently, it is possible to customize popup color and location but size and shape customization, and animation are not yet possible.

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