A Modal is dialog box that is displayed on the middle of your page. You can use it to share information, images, videos, tips and more with your users.

How to create modals

To add modals to your website,

1- Activate the Chaperone browser extension.
2- Log into your account if you are not logged in already
3- Click the add new guide icon and describe your guide

PS: Content is compulsory. The first 100 characters of the item title or description (in case you only description) will appear to help you identify your item. This is helpful for guide management, the search feature and quick glancing at the guide content.

4- Save your new guide by clicking the Save button

5- Click the Add new step button

6- Fill the item widget with title and/or content. 

7- Select modal as item type.

8- Click the Save button to save the item. 

If you want to add several modals on the same page, just click the add new step icon again. Add as many modals as you want, users will click next to go through them. 

Embed in your website or web app

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