Knowing that Salesforce doesn’t allow to add JavaScript code and load popovers on its pages, Chaperone offers you a way to automatically add users to your account’s player and gives them access to all your guides. To implement this Chaperone solution for Salesforce, set domain names into your Chaperone account so that anyone, with emails that match those domain names, can be automatically added.

How to create and implement guides on Salesforce

To create a guide on Salesforce, just follow these instructions:

As the owner or team lead:

PS: Make sure that all those who will use Chaperone player have their professional email (eg: email:

Ps: As owner/team leadyou need the extension to create the guides.

Your player users, colleagues should:

PS: If you are not able to set the Chaperone extension to be automatically added to your users account, they will have to download the Chaperone extension from

By default, users added to your account as viewers. However, you can change their role in Settings>Members of your dashboard.

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